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This is a REALLY nice project...I REALLY like it....wow... PS:I never have seen those pf pneumatic...

Nice work, I gave it 5 stars.

This is like the best project ever!!! Good Job!!

WOW! In my opinion, this is the best NXTLog project ever! (5 *s)

Very impressive. That's some stiff competition in the Christmas Challange

Mini_Man176, legoemo19, 058606, Apologetic, thank you all for your very positive comments!! LuckyLuke11, those linear actuators are quite new. You can find two in the Excavator set (number 8294, released in 2008), one in the Telescopic Handler set (8295, released 2008) and one in the very brand new Hauler set (8264). Thanks for your comment.

That is an awesome Christmas creation! I like how you used the actuators! 5 Stars!

***** (5 Stars!!!)

wow! this is like, one of the coolest projects I've ever seen! cool!

lego989990, cheatmasterbw, Legoman2309 thank you for your nice words!

Thanks for reply I'm gonna have a look at those products. :)

congratulations very cool

congrats on winning 1st prize!!

congrats on winning simple idea yet it is such a brilliant design and looks so great! Hope you had a great Christmas ***** 5 stars. BSJW

WOW!!!!! Most amazing project i've ever seen!!!!! **********(10 stars!!)

congratulations!!!next time I'll try and beat u and win the golden award!!!! ;)

woah... I just have nothing to say. This thing boggles the mind... literally.

Wow! You won! I knew you would win! Good job!

Cool, awsome, amazing, impressive. Congratulation :D

jpynacho, benjamind60, BSJW, gothminion thank you all for your great comments! I'm glad you like it! LuckyLuke11, thanks and can't wait for your next win! ;-) NeXTSTORM

congratulations!! It must be nervewrecking that they kept you waitin' for the results that long...

Awesome, unique and inspiring project Must of taken days to build this thing

I have only 2 words: YOU WON.

Congratulations for winning!!!!! That a very nice piece you created!!

Well, it was OK. It looks to me like you won two contests in a row because you used LOTS of traditional Lego elements. Where do you get them all, anyway? In other words, how many Lego sets do you have—and what is Patrick the Starfish doing on the tree? I see some very old minifigures from some very old sets. How long have you been collecting Legos?

Do you get a sort of diploma or at least a prize for winning a contest? And do you think it is worth it?

Awesome!!! See if you can get some instructions for it on here. I'd love to build it.

Where did you get all those LEGO bricks!????

how did you get the sun to go up???

NXTCreator007, Dino_Martino, sanders4567654, legocreatcrazzy, lego989990, jessgrant, Matau1202, kajo1999 thank you all for your very nice comments. Markamas, no you don't. Just for fun! b_andrew_b, actually I don't like to be limited on themes. So I always like to combine Technic with standard LEGO elements. kajo1999, for the sunrise and sunset effect, an old-style string based elevator is build behind the main construction.

Post an LDD, please. Oh, and yes, I have one more word: Amazing.

Markamas: You get the glory of winning! Me: Very nice design. Might want to put a LDD.

I like the picture of the little penguin on top of the present.:)

You're "robot" is very very very very very very very cool.I think you should post how to get to the video because me and other people might not be able to find it.I would rate your "robot" with five stars (*****).

walle1357, theoneandonly365 thank you for your comments! Unfortunately I will not post an LDD since this would take extremely much time & effort due to the size of this construction.

piecejr848, I was expecting this comment since the date I posted this project! You have just located the only non-MOC item of this project!!!!! This amazing little penguin comes from the wonderful LEGO set “Robin's Scuba Jet: Attack of the Penguin” (set 7885, released on 2008). Thanks for your nice comment. Egythi, you’ll find the video at the first section of this project (fifth photo with the camera sign and “.mov” text). Thanks for your very nice comment.

I have 2 words:Love it!

to the guy who said "where did you get all those bricks?" i answer. "bot'em, in shop."

you won a award

NeXTSTORM, This is certainly no exception to all of your masterfully built projects. This is quite an amazing accomplishment, mainly because of the sleekness of the design. Signing out, 3DBlenderRender


very cool!

very creative ! i love the idea of mixing the lego themes!

That's amazing!

you are so good with legos, even normal ones! one question- does the tree light up?

That is really cool

can you PLEASE make an LDD???? i SOOOOOO much want to make that for christmas!

you got that on the front page cool

Epic. I reccomend you put some music on though.

Magic Christmas Tree



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The sunset is followed by a very strange event ...the house-like box opens revealing a spinning Christmas tree of mini LEGO figures.... Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!!! ...suddenly, the spinning stops, the box closes and the sun rises again and the house-like box is ready to be triggered for the next XMAS show. Attached you'll find the video of my new XMAS ...adventure!!!

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